Staffing Organizations by Heneman, Judge & Kammeyer-Mueller

Staffing Organizations by Heneman, Judge & Kammeyer-Mueller

• Assignment for Logic of Prediction Discussion
Discuss and give examples of how the concept “logic of prediction” might be used to improve each of the following selection methods:
1. Resumés
2. Application Blanks
3. Interviews
Please give examples.

• Instructions for the External Selection Process
The most valid and useful selection instruments are shown in exhibit 9.14 on page 469 of the text. From your experience and from you readings, briefly discuss the values (advantages) and deficiencies (disadvantages) of the following specific selection instruments:
1. Cognitive ability tests (refer to pp. 434-439).
2. Personality tests: specifically conscientiousness and emotional stability (refer to pp. 427-434).
3. Job knowledge and performance tests (refer to pp. 445-451).
4. “Structured” interviews (refer to pp. 457-468).

• Assignment Instructions
After reading Chapter 10 and considering all of the Discussion Questions on page 532, discuss your ideas of the most important difference between “internal” and “external” hiring decisions. (Please give examples if possible.)

• Assignment Instructions for Making a Job Offer
This is another (relatively) open thread. Discuss your own job offer negotiation experiences, either as an employee or as the person making the offer. The most useful comments will be examples where you wish you had behaved differently (and what actually happened). Should you have acquired more information in advance of the negotiation? Did the other party behave unethically?

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