Stained Glass

Stained Glass
Write about a play that took a place in Denver Colorado, called “Stained Glass” in King Center. Try to write about your own opinion, did you like it? why? why not? what did you like/dislike? How can they improve it?. Here are my notes:
– Interesting opening.
– Comedy, historical, drama.
– Started with a historical video on the wall and eye catching pictures.
– old clothes and interesting.
– Great lightening.
– Great effects (sand coming from the top+lights)
– Old setting (clothing hanging+big stained glass+a cross) church.
– They needed more sounds effects because it was quite all the time.
– Nuns+fathers.
– Great actors.
– Narrative.
– Talking to the audience.
– Actors are together at the same page.
– Funny moments.
– Sister Luke stepped in some of the lines.
– believable acting.
– It seemed real.
– Simple stage.
– Old floor.
– Stones and wooden pieces thrown on the stage.
– Recording machine.
– Some music.
– Sister’s Luke book.
– Stained Glass destroyed.
– Nice ending.
– Black cross with sister Luke.

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