Rubric for writing assignment – 4 to 6 pages, not including bibliography page
Remember to cite within your document, with numbers that will correspond to the references in the bibliography at the end. Font: Times New Roman size 12. No plagiarizing, please!  See the syllabus in order to see what constitutes plagiarism.
Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure – 20 points.
Abstract (20 points) Many abstracts are informative yet concise (~250-300 words)
As the first section of your review paper, and abstract should be a paragraph summary of your document. You should state your topic, provide relevant, pertinent information contained in your document, and summarize any conclusions at which you arrive.  If someone didn’t have time to read your review article, they should be able to read the abstract and have a good idea of what was covered.  I usually write this section last, after I read over all my other parts.
Introduction and Background (10 points)
Provide information on:
-Your bacteria’s name, genus and species (Genus is capitalized, species name is lower case, and both are italicized. Is it gram positive? Gram negative? Is it aerobic? Is it motile?
-Where your bacteria is normally found
-What human disease your bacteria causes
-Prevalence/epidemiology of the disease and who it namely affects
Discussion (10 points)
-Does your bacteria secrete any toxins? What VIRULENCE FACTORS make it pathogenic
-Describe its interaction with the immune system.  Does it evade it well?  What kind of immune cells are important for its control?
-symptoms and mortality rate
-What treatments/drugs/cures/prevention methods are in place?
-Any social effects on society
Methods (10 points)
Describe how you found your information.  What were your major resources? Please use the staff at the library to help you find good review articles. They can access many journals on pubmed.
Conclusions (10 points)
A brief summary of your findings. Your take away from the research. What interested you most?  Do you have any ideas on where research is going in the field?
Citations and bibliography (20 points)
Your cited references in American Medical Association format.  Link to website explaining AMA formatting:


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