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5. Statistics Project – 20 points
In the Session Six, each student is expected to submit a completed statistics project to the instructor.
Throughout the course, each student will regularly be using a data set from a South Carolina residential
group home for adolescent females. As a human services worker, the student might be expected to
present data about the status and nature of clients of his/her organization to his/her colleagues, to
stakeholders, or to professional organizations (i.e., at a conference). Each student should assume he/she
is a human services worker, perhaps a supervisor at the residential group home. The student is to
develop a written report on the status and nature of clients at the group home and imagine that he/she is
providing this information to fellow group home workers or to a potential funding agency.
For this report, each student is to select (at least) 4-5 variables (at least 1 variable must be numerical
and 1 variable must be categorical), calculate the appropriate univariate descriptive statistics, and (at
least) 3 bivariate statistics, and present this material in a written report (to his/her colleagues or
funders). Students are encouraged to analyze and report variables that are interesting or informative.
The reports should be a minimum of 3 full and a maximum of 8 full, double-spaced, word-processed
pages (10-12 point font size and maximum 1-inch margins). They should include an introduction to the
sample (e.g., a brief summary of the group home and residents) and a written description of each
variable (e.g., what it is and how it was measured/determined). Students should then provide a written
summary (e.g., a 5-number summary or frequency distribution) for each variable, including any relevant
or informative conclusions/interpretations that may be drawn. Finally, the report should include the 3
bivariate statistical analyses, along with figures or tables, as appropriate, and the student’s
interpretations/conclusions for each bivariate analysis. A general interpretation or conclusion should
complete the paper.
The student may use variables that he/she has examined throughout the course. Tables/Figures can be
embedded in the text of the report, but Tables/Figures that are embedded in the text should be no larger
than about a half-page (i.e., no more than 2 figures on a page).
The instructor will be grading the reports in terms of clarity and precision of the analysis and presentation
of the data. In particular, the instructor will pay attention to the following dimensions:
1) organization: writing, including the structure of the paper, should flow smoothly and clearly,
without awkward or unclear sentences;
2) content or critical analysis: the quality of thought, revealed in the quality of the summary of
the article, and the quality of the analysis, comments, or observations;
3) grammar and mechanics: the presence or absence of ungrammatical sentences or spelling

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