Steam turbine power generation system

Write a paper of 8-10 pages addressing the following situation:

Research a steam turbine power generation system from the boiler (nuclear or fossil fuel) to the exhaust from the turbine.

Discuss fluid flows – is turbulent flow wanted anywhere?  Where and why or why not?
How is the energy extracted from the steam?
What is the engineering involved?
How are specific components shaped and why?

Tables and figures (including charts and graphs) should be used if they would be helpful in the explanation. Any cautions or concerns should also be included.

The paper shall be 8-10 pages, exclusive of tables, figures, and references (12 pt. New Times Roman, double spaced). Cite all your sources. The APA style shall be used.

Grading will be based on content, organization, and readability using the Final Paper Grading Rubric available at:

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