Steinbeck Tangential Paper

Complete an individual Steinbeck Tangential Project on a topic tangential to the topics raised in the novel.  You will select a topic (note that there are a limited number of class members who can sign up for each topic), research it with credible sources, and synthesize the topic with themes from Cannery Row. You will submit a formal, MLA formatted research paper (graded under “Composition”). There will be some class time available for completing your responsibilities.

NCAA Athletics & Compensation for Physical Labor: Athletes are recruited and scouted for NCAA Athletics at Division 1 and 2 schools to play for and represent their University or College with the potential promise of an opportunity to enter a draft for a lucrative National Sport, and a discounted (or in some cases, free) college education. Your task is to analyze the policies and cultural assumptions surrounding the NCAA within the context of Human Economics, class identity, and how physical labor is commodified within the NCAA. Read about here!
What does entering into the NCAA commit an athlete to, and is this commitment contingent to the caliber of the athletics program?
What do the cultural assumptions about labor, athletics, and intercollegiate sports say about our cultural value systems and… How is this a further reflection of our economic, political, and social preservation of power (Hegemony/Alterity)?


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