Step One:  Think way back to your first years at school and select one event from each year of your academic career that was important to you.  It could be something funny, an epiphany you had, an event you participated in, etc.  Choose a symbol to represent the event.  You should end up with 11 symbols including kindergarten.  These symbols should be placed chronologically on your hide.

Step Two:  Select one of the symbols on your winter count and narrate the story that goes along with it.  Choose only one to retell.

Step Three:  You are the storyteller!  Remember in narration to include characters, a setting, a sequence of events, and, a theme/lesson.  This narration is not an autobiographical writing (entire life story), but a snapshot in time of a single event.

Step Four:  Remember to be descriptive and include sensory details, vivid precise language, figurative language or comparisons, adjectives or adverbs that paint a word picture, and an organization suited to the subject.

Step Four:  Type your narrative in MLA format.

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