Stress and Coping


Stress and Coping

Due Saturday, September 7, 2013. Complete your participation for this assignment by Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

There are many different types of stress and various impacts those stressful situations can have on all areas of our health. Review these possible stress provoking situations.

Sally is a hardworking young professional who was applauded for her performance. A few months after a change in the project, there is a rapid decline in her productivity and she is seen withdrawing from work. Sally’s new project manager constantly criticizes her for her lack of productivity.
Nancy is ready to leave the house for work and finds that her car will not work.
Bob found out that one of his friends at work just died and that they will be having a funeral on Thursday.
Tom is called at work and told that he needs to pick up his teenage son from school for fighting.

Choose one situation to evaluate and answer the following questions:

What type or category of stress could this be labeled?
What type of response might the body and brain be experiencing to manage the stressor?
What would be the goal for the coping strategy? (eliminate, reduce, tolerate)
What type of coping would need to be implemented? (emotion-focused, problem-focused, appraisal-focused)
What are some of the long term impacts on the individual’s health if they do not find a way to cope with this stressor?

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