Cover Page, Research Paper and Bibliography 20%
Due: November 10, 9:00 pm.
Submit to ‘Submit Research Paper Here’ ‘folder’ on UR Courses

Eight pages, page numbered, type-written, double spaced, 12 font in New Times Roman, APA (6th Edition) style, no abstract needed. In addition to those pages the paper must have a cover page and bibliography (in APA format).

It will be marked on strength of content, clarity, flow of information and writing skills (capitalization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure). At least three of your sources of information must be academically accepted sources (peer reviewed journal articles and books) or you WILL NOT get full marks. Additional resources can be included – Wikipedia is not allowed as a source. Marks will be lost if this is not followed. NO personal interviews are allowed at the 100 level so DON’T USE them – choose a topic that does not require this type of information.

It is your responsibility to learn how to develop this paper in the required format and an APA ‘how to’ file is available both on UR Courses and in FNUC library. There are also examples available through a GOOGLE search for proper techniques (example Both U of R Student Services, International Student Services, and FNUC Student Services have tutorial assistance available

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