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Due Date: February 9, 2016 Foundations Seminar in Public Administration PADM 7300 100 points Dr. Daniel Baracskay Purpose: the purpose of this first writing assignment is to help students familiarize themselves with conducting a literature review and background research in the public administration program. Students will need to demonstrate a familiarity with the literature by integrating in themes and ideas from academic journals in Public Administration (PA). This will also serve as good preparation for Writing Assignment 2 later in the semester. Submission Note: no student is permitted to submit a paper already submitted for this or any other course at VSU or at another university, including if they are taking this course for a second time. Turn-it-in will detect the duplicate submission, and a zero will be awarded for the assignment automatically. Please see the course syllabus for more details. Instructions: Students should begin by reviewing section 9.4 in the Scott and Garrison (S&G) text on “Conduct a Formal Literature Review,” (p. 121) and more particularly, section 8.2 on “Critique an Article” (p. 110). The purpose of literature reviews and critiques is to thoughtfully summarize pertinent research on the subject matter in a concise fashion. The journal sources you select must be legitimate academic sources, and MUST be from one of the periodicals listed in the S&G text in Appendix A, from pages 167-171. Many of these journals are accessible to you online through Odum library as a VSU student, and other academic libraries at colleges and universities. Contact the library reference desk if you are unfamiliar with how to navigate the Odum library web page. Topic for Literature Review: As we learn in the course, leadership styles and the management of public sector organizations is a vital aspect of efficient government and maintaining the public trust. It is also a topic of interest to students who will either be managers/leaders themselves, or will work with those who perform such functions in these types of positions. For this assignment, students will conduct a literature review of recent journal articles (the past 10 or so years) which address the nature of leadership styles and management in government organizations. Your review should identify themes relating to the topic, and flow smoothly from these themes, drawing in ideas from articles in a coherent fashion. Some themes you may want to explore (but are not limited to – you may also identify others in your review) in the literature are: what are various types of leadership styles? how does leadership differ from middle or upper management? what skillsets overlap or differ for leaders versus managers? how do leaders and managers work together to promote a common 2 PADM 7300 Writing Assignment 1 Spring Semester 2016 organizational mission? what are future areas of concern for leaders and managers of public sector organizations? Paper sections: all students MUST have the following sections (use these specific headings) in their papers outlined in bold and underlined: Section: Approximate Length of Section (double-spaced): ◊ Introduction – 1/2 page ◊ Literature Review – 5-6 pages ◊ Conclusion – 1/2 page References/citations: As the syllabus states, students will be using the American Political Science Association (APSA) style for all course assignments, and throughout the VSU MPA program. This is thoroughly discussed in the S&G text (see p. 68 on in particular for examples of how to do this). You may use the footnote, endnote, or parentheses method, as long as you have a listing of references at the end of your assignment. Do not list the full citation in the body of your review – full citations including name, title of article, year, pages, etc. are to be shown at the end of the review under a “references” heading. In the body of your review, you need to only indicate the author, year and page number (for quotations) in the appropriate areas you are referencing content in. You should have a mixture of at least five journal, book, and/or government sources in your paper. Formatting Guidelines: ◊ This project MUST be submitted via D2L as an attachment in Microsoft Word or PDF format in the dropbox section; No other format will be accepted. Submit only one SINGLE WORD or PDF DOCUMENT containing all of the articles. ◊ No art work or graphics should be used. ◊ At no point in your writing should phrases like “I think”, or “In my opinion” appear. This is an analysis paper that is teaching you to think analytically, not with opinion. ◊ Use 12 pt. font in New Times Roman ◊ Margins should be 1 inch on all sides ◊ Be sure to use full sentences, correct spelling, and proper grammar like outlined in the S&G text. ◊ The length should be approximately 6-7 pages double-spaced for the entire review (NO LONGER OR SHORTER). You do not and should not submit the articles with your paper – providing the full citation including page numbers of the article is enough. ◊ You DO NOT need a cover page. Put your name in the footer at the bottom of each page, along with the page number. ◊ You can turn in the project whenever you finish, so LATE PROJECTS WILL BE SUBSTANTIALLY PENALIZED, NO EXCEPTIONS. The due date is the absolute last point you should be turning it in. To avoid problems (i.e. computer, network, etc.), you should plan on submitting it prior to the last possible minute. Anticipate delays in advance and act accordingly.

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