sustainability (sustainable design and technology) of high rise buildings (including super-tall buildings)

(Because sustainability is a very wide topic and it’s only 10-12 pages paper, the paper will concentrate only on the
sustainability of high rise buildings regarding the structural designs/systems of the HRB)
The paper is for the following course:
*Course: 19th and 20th-Century Architecture and Architectural Technology
(So it focuses on the integration of technologies/engineering systems with architecture)


–So you may talk about the development from the conventional designs beginning the 19th century, tracking the strategies to
the 21st century sustainable systems and the future designs.

–You could talk about the sustainable structural systems based on the Engineers criteria and the Architects criteria, such
as initial/long term costs, Energy efficiency, performance, weather protection, ease of construction, Appearance
demand/aesthetic factor, Safety, (Health, safety, and security of occupants), environmental factor (e.g., greenhouse gases
emissions). So you may talk about how the proposed structural systems are sustainable economically, socially, or
environmentally as mentioned previously.

— The above are only possible ideas, you construct the paper

**Recommended to use “case studies”.

*Although paper is taking about some complex engineering systems, it needs to be presented in a way that architects can
understand. (Emphasize on engineering technologies, relate it to Architecture, Avoid complex technical language)

*All Sources must be from scholarly resources.
Attached are some article which might be useful, however, please use different ones as needed for the paper.

***I need the Outline and first paragraph this week please
(Outline and a draft of the first paragraph of the paper with the thesis statement italicized or highlighted)

Attached also the paper istructions
– The is a 10-12 page paper
– (12pt, typed, double-spaced, 1inch margins)
– Appropriate citations (footnotes or endnotes) and bibliography on
– Use The Chicago Manual of Style

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