country has been assigned to you. Familiarize yourself with the culture, people and health system of your country through different publicly available resources including journals, books, published reports, foundation/project websites, technical reports, conference proceedings and datasets. All sources should be properly cited and referenced in APA style when used.
2. Describe the healthcare system of this country. Discuss type of delivery system adopted and how it is financed. Include an overview of access, cost and quality under this system. Make a brief comparison between this country and the United States on the basis of important aspects of a health care including major challenges faced by the US healthcare system. [35 Points].
3. Identify a major health problem that is facing this country: Discuss in detail whether or not this problem is global or specific to this country alone. [15 Points].
4. Discuss the extent of the health problem and present the social, cultural, economic and any other relevant factors that you think contributed to the problem in this country. Explain types and levels of threat posed to the United States by the health problem faced by this country. [30 Points].
5. Discuss how the healthcare system of your project country is equipped in solving this problem. [10 Points].
6. Design a solution to this problem by proposing healthcare system changes that will aid in improving the quality of care and prevention of this health problem. [15 Points].

Not less than 7 typed, double-spaced pages 1. TITLE PAGE [5 Points]
Include title of your project, your name, course, and a colored image of your country’s flag. Be creative! This page is not included in the page count.•
2. ABSTRACT [5 Points]
One page of a concise statement of the summary of the project. This page is•
not included in the page count.
3. MAIN TEXT (All included in page count) [105 Points]
Main Body of Analysis and Findings (You may include a maximum of two•
graphs/figures only. Clearly indicate the source(s) of your graphs).
Suggestions and Recommendations•
4. REFERENCES [5 Points]
Use APA style for all your references. Not included in page count.•
Use 12 point Times New Roman font throughout the report

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