Systems Concepts: Define a Real System

Systems Concepts: Define a Real System

This is my assignment. I chose the bank system as example (branch). I want u follow a, b, c, and d. The course name is Systems Management Technology IET 693.

A. Find a specific example of a system. For example you might choose a system from bank, Business or other areas. Be sure to define some of the details of the system. Clearly describe what the inputs and outputs to the system are.

B. Use a block diagram to clearly show the major inputs and outputs of the system using arrows. In about a page or two, give a general description of the system, its intended function and its major inputs and outputs.
C. For each input and output, clearly define a quality characteristic and its operational definition. Use a dot on the input/output line to symbolize the location of the quality characteristic. Be as technically specific as you can when you describe the characteristic and the specification. If you don’t know the actual definition, you may make one up using your imagination.
D. Identify as boxes at least one system that supplies your system and a system that is the customer of your system.


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