Taxation Project

Project description

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This project required 2000 words, but you have the chance to divided as you want for Part 1 and Part 2.

Ps. Make sure that you are specialist in Taxation or you have knowledge about it at less.


Course Code and Title: BUS 4163 Taxation

Assessment Weight and Title: Group Project 25%

Submission Deadline: 11th January 2015

Late submission results in losing grades. For every working day delay the maximum grade decreases by 5%, up to a maximum of 35% after a week. Also note, not following the formatting guidelines an additional 10% may be lost.

Name of the Course Teacher:

Name of the Course Moderator: Dr. Panos Thomas

This Assessment and the related Marking Scheme have been pre-moderated and approved by the Course Team Leader/Academic Coordinator of the Business Department according to the following criteria

• The learning outcomes are covered as indicated in the assessment strategy.

• The questions are clearly constructed and at an appropriate academic level.

• The possible marks for each question are clearly stated.

• The amount of time for the exam is properly allocated.

• The level of English language is clear and suitable for the course.

• The marking scheme is clear and detailed

Student’s Score (%):

Academic Format

Reports/Essays submitted must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) the . Formatting and language contribute exactly ten percentage points to the overall grade.

Warning to Students!

Students must submit their own works as assignments, and they cannot copy anybody’s ideas into their work as their own. Direct reference must be made for every paragraph, even if it is only a summary of ideas from somewhere else. By not directly referencing (or providing only non-specific references) a Student commits plagiarism, i.e. submitting somebody else’s work as his own, and faces the possibility of immediate dismissal from ADMC and from all other Colleges of HCT according to the Academic Honesty Policy of HCT. All assignments must be submitted via LMS, where they are tested by anti-plagiarism software, Safe Assign.

Declaration of the Student

At the moment of submission you confirm that this assignment is your original work, and you have referenced all sources of information according to APA Format. You also confirm that you had fully understood the tasks and assessment criteria before submitting this assignment.


Coursework – Project Output: 25% –

(Group Assessment) – Due Date of submission 11th January 2015

Groups undertake a project to study a given business entity in terms of taxation concepts and processes and make recommendations of a particular tax structure for a particular business entity

CLO 4- Calculate the taxable income of business entities

CLO 5- Recommend a business model predicated on a tax system

Project Description


1. Students shall make a comparative study of Sole Proprietorship, Flow through Entities and Corporation in terms of (20 marks)

• Characteristics

• Liability

• Computation of taxable business income

2. The partners of a partnership firm want to change the form of entity from a partnership to a corporation. Outline the tax effects of the various methods of forming the corporation. (10 marks)

3. What are the tax consequences in the year of sale if one of the partners sells his partnership interest to a third party and has been allocated a partnership loss? (5 marks)


Ms Fatma needs your advice regarding which form of business entity to choose for her new business. She expects the new business will have losses in each of the first two years but anticipates profits that will steadily grow thereafter. Fatma has not contributed cash to the business but plans to work for 50 or more hours per week managing the day to day operations of the new business. Four of her friends contribute cash to start the business. To fund growth, Fatma anticipates that additional funding will be needed in three years.

Based on the above information which form of business entity would you recommend?



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