Technology in Education

Topic: Technology in Education

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Interview a teacher or administrator at your school or another school (Or, this could be you!). Address the following in your interview:
How has he/she incorporated technology in teaching and learning?
What challenges have been faced?
What successes can be shared?
What research question can proposed : What issue(s) or problem(s) is currently affecting student learning? (Later, in your paper, you must reflect on how the teacher
(or you) perceives that your recommendations will improve student learning outcomes.
Identify and evaluate technology resources and technical assistance available within the school.

**I want to use the topic/question: Resistance to Change
Resistance to technology comes in many forms, but one of the key resistance challenges identified in the report is “comfort with the status quo.” According to the
researchers, teachers and school leaders often see technological experimentation as outside the scope of their job descriptions.
Based on your interview information, locate two research articles on the topic/research question.

Using a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs), summarize the interview and abstract the two research studies into a cohesive narrative and/or
recommendation. Include what you find about effectiveness, benefits, and problems. Make sure you do not plagiarize and that you include the proper citations, using APA
In your paper — Make sure you reflect on the potential of your recommendations to improve student learning outcomes.

Use APA 6th ed. format
Cite sources appropriately and include references for the two articles, APA format
Double space
Use headings and sub headings where appropriate
Title page (paper title, name, date)
Minimum of 750 words
Scan the two articles and submit along with your paper

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