the account of biblical creation

Paper instructions: When introducing a concept, you must: 1.        Define/explain what the concept means using a scholarly source 2.        Cite it properly 3.        Then apply the concept to the topic of the DQ 3.        Get into full detail per DQ _______________________________________________________________ Module 3 DQ 1 Explain how the account of biblical creation can be viewed as a model for innovative and creative leaders when managing chaos. Module 3 DQ 2 Hypothesize why it is important for leaders both to create and enable chaos as well as a clear sense of purpose in organizations. Module 4 DQ 1 Research and describe a product ideation model or methodology. Describe the ideation approach and how you might use it in your collaboration assignment for this module. Module 4 DQ 2 Explain the importance of using a structured innovation process in your organization to enable innovation.

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