the assignment, which, according to the syllabus, is to focus on efforts to combat racism towards Native Americans

Paper details:
Choose one organized effort or campaign that challenged or continues to challenge prominent stereotypes and/or
racist portrayals of Native people in Canada and/or the United States. This could be in the field of sports,
entertain??????ment, fashion, music, or any other field. It is to be 1,000?1,200?words in length and in proper
essay format (with a title page and citation of sources in the text and in a reference list at the end). Students are to
provide a good overview of the conflict/issue (including, if possible, some historical background), a description of
the specific efforts to challenge or counteract the stereotypical/racist portrayal of Native people, the reaction to
those efforts (from both the general public and those who created such a portrayal), a summary of the results of
such efforts or campaign, and some reflection as to what the whole issue tells us about the nature of Native
people in popular culture.

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