The optional book review assignment is designed to ascertain your
understanding of the book you selected for the class (see list below).
The book review for this class is optional for those wanting to make
either an A or B in the class or those needing additional points. If
you include quotes from the book, provide the page numbers if
possible. Each book review should include the following:
A 2 sentence overview of the theme of the book ,
A 2-4 page (Double Space) summary of the ENTIRE book. For books with
multiple chapters with varying themes, it may be appropriate to
provide an outline format for this section where you give a 1-3
sentence description of the theme of each chapter.
A 1 Paragraph critical analysis of the book that expresses what you
liked or did not like about the book. Additionally this section should
describe the bias of the author and how his/her ideas meshed with your
ideas about the subject matter.
A 1 Paragraph description of how, or if, the book changes your
perception on the respective topic.
A citation (MLA or APA) of the book you read as well as any outside
sources that were consulted.
The book review should be well written, free from grammatical errors
and demonstrate that you read the entire book. Failure to meet these
requirements will results in rewrites or a lower grade.

Freakonomics: by Steven Leveitt & Stephen Dubner, 242 Pgs. (ISBN: 006073132X)
Superfreakonomics by Steven Leveitt & Stephen Dubner, 264 Pgs. (ISBN:
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, 276 Pgs.
(ISBN: 0671723650)
The Innocent Man (Contains Some Mature Material) by John Grisham, 360
Pgs. (ISBN: 0385517238)
Outliers: A Story of Success, By Malcolm Gladwell, 320 Pgs. (ISBN 0316017922)
David & Goliath: The Advantages of Disadvantages By Malcolm Gladwell,
352 Pgs. (ISBN 0316204366)

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