create a plan for a new cultural diplomacy project for the UAE: This could be an institution, an exhibition, and educational program, a film series, a fellowship program.

The plan will include:

1. Mission Statement of Project, including purpose and goals
2. Key Message(s)
3. Target Market (with SWOT analysis)
4. Anticipated duration and cost of project
5. Expertise and staff needed to run the project
6. Media and Public Relations Plan (including first press release)
7. How you will assess success of project


This project will be due on Oct. 7, with in-class presentations in order to get feedback from classmates.

You may work on this project on your own or with someone else (if together, you will share the same grade, no matter who worked harder).

The goal is to come up with a viable proposal the might actually be implemented by an organization in the UAE.


instruction :
1- before you start , you have to suggest at least 3 topics and send it to me, I discuss them with the profesor , then when she approve it, I will confirm to you with topic you will work on .

2- y PUBLIC DIPLOMACY refers to government-sponsored programs intended to inform or influence public opinion in other countries; its chief instruments are publications, motion pictures, cultural exchanges, radio and television.” (U.S. Department of State, Dictionary of International Relations Terms, 1987)

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