the cultural script of heteronormativity

“cultural scripts” as that which is “intended to capture background norms, templates, guidelines or models for ways of thinking, acting, feeling, and speaking, in a particular cultural context. — Cameron’s (1997) — 1.In what ways did the college-aged men in Cameron’s (1997) piece attend to the cultural script of heteronormativity? 2. What was the author, Deborah Cameron, able to see? 3. How have gender scripts inhibited researchers’ findings when explaining human behaviors. Explain her findings and conclusions. 4. Citations method : While discussing character voices in Disney, Lippi-Green (2012, 85) writes ” ………” Hill (2008) discusses the effects of racism in the United States ……..  The folk ideology of race is ” ……. ” (Chun 2016, 83)

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