Topic: The decision to drop the atomic bomb

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It doesn’t have to be six, wasn’t sure what to put in there. As long as the internet websites are education and not like .com it should be fine, I would prefer scholarly. I started the paper, just need the 9 pages to complete. I will send the Rubric. For the rest of it I believe the talking points needed are looking at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the deaths it caused, the after effects (the radiation poisoning), maybe talk about the issues Truman was having stepping in during the middle of the war, the different perspectives of Americans vs the Japanese, the conclusion, and whatever else you believe makes sense based on the introduction. I already discussed the battles leading to it and the Japanese culture and government. I apologize for giving such a limited window. I don’t need this until 7-8 pm tomorrow so a little more time.

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