the effect of stereotype boost on E.Q tests
Since it is commonly believe that women are more emotionally intelligent than men , we created a fake stereotype boost that ” favors males’ emotional intelligence(E.Q) over females’ ” to see if this fake stereotype boost would change participants’ performance (scores) when taking an E.Q test.

We used a valid E.Q test from the scientific literature but on top of the test we used two different headings:
1) with the fake stereotype boost that favors males’ E.Q and
2) without the stereotype boost (neutral heading)

we gave the E.Q tests to women and men.
half of women received the E.Q tests with the stereotype boost,
and the other half without it.
the same was done with males participants
their scores were compered. we did not find any significant difference.
we run a 2 x 2 factorial design
IV level 1 = male
IV level 1 = female
IV level 2 = stereotype boost
IV level 2 = non-stereotype boost

class hypothesis = it would be a significant interaction between gender and stereotype boost

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