The Financial Statements

for the financial year ended 31 March 2013 26 DEFERRED INCOME TAXES Deferred income tax assets and liabilities are offset when there is a legally enforceable right to offset current income tax

assets against current income tax liabilities and when the deferred income taxes relate to the same fiscal authority. The amounts, determined after appropriate offsetting, are shown on the

balance sheet as follows: Group 2013 $’000 Deferred income tax liabilities to be settled after one year 653 521 2012 $’000

Movement in deferred income tax account is as follows: Group 2013 $’000 Beginning of the financial year Charged/(credited) to profit or loss (Note 10) End of the financial year 132 653 (225) 521

521 2012 $’000 746

The movement in deferred income tax liabilities (prior to offsetting of balances within the same tax jurisdiction) is as follows: Accelerated tax depreciation Group $’000 2013 Beginning of

financial year Tax charged to profit or loss End of financial year 521 132 653

2012 Beginning of financial year Tax credited to profit or loss End of financial year 746 (225) 521


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