The fusing of high and low art Jeff Koons and Barbara Bruger

For this assignment you are asked to compare and contrast the views of authorities(from reference) as part of building an analysis of the work of postmodern practitioners.

Your brief:
Compare and contrast the work of Jeff koons and Barbara Kruger. Discuss their work in terms of one or two of the following postmodern characteristics:

• The fusing of high and low art: mixing of art hierarchies ie-high art(high culture)with poplular culture(low art).
practitioner:(Jeff Koons and Barbara bruger)

Your essay must refer directly to each practitioner’s work and discuss specific elements of the work that are indicative of the postmodern characteristics you identify. Your discussion must consider the significance of these characteristics within the broader context of postmodern theory and visual practice. Your argument should refer to no less than twelve (12) scholarly research sources (authorities), three of which should be scholarly journal articles. (Please note that anonymous web-based articles are not generally considered to be reliable academic sources.)

Research Skills (10 marks)
Ability to:
• Evaluate the quality of sources used
• Research appropriate and relevant sources
• Demonstrate breadth of research

Quality of Argument (10 marks)
Ability to:
• Develop an argument clearly and logically
• Critically analyse sources used
• Compare and contrast authors’ ideas

Relevance of Visual and Textual Support (10 marks)
Ability to:
• Use images which complement and support the argument
• Incorporate quotes and paraphrase effectively
• Incorporate a range and diversity of cited material
• Summarise sources effectively

Written Skills (5 marks)
Ability to:
• Demonstrate clarity in English expression
• Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
• Structure paragraphs and essay effectively
• Follow academic formatting (see section on Formatting your Assignment)

Referencing (5 marks)
Ability to:
• Use the Harvard Author-Date referencing style
• Correctly reference all ideas, images, quotes and paraphrased material
• Include a List of References
• Include a List of Images

The introduction should include:
• A statement identifying your chosen practitioners and the postmodern characteristics that are evident in their work.
• A statement outlining why the practitioners’ works are relevant to postmodernism.
• An overview of key authorities, their publications and key arguments that will be elaborated on in the essay.
The body of the essay should:
• Use research sources (authorities) to assist you in developing an argument that the works can be understood according to specific postmodern characteristics as exemplified by specific aspects of each practitioner’s work.
• Incorporate short quotations and paraphrased arguments from no less than eight different sources to substantiate your argument as to how and why the practitioners’ works are relevant to postmodernism and the characteristics there of.
• Make specific and detailed reference to the practitioners’ work in terms of the postmodern characteristics they convey. (Include good quality reproductions of all images cited in the essay. Each image should be numbered and captioned with artist, Title, (date)).
• Make use of relevant research from suitable sources. At least three of your sources should be articles from scholarly journals.
• All ideas, information, descriptions, quotes and paraphrases from sources must be acknowledged both in-text and in the List of References using the Harvard (Author- Date) method.
The conclusion should:
• Summarise your key argument/s
• Summarise how the practitioners’ work demonstrates postmodern characteristics and why this is relevant to the broader frameworks of postmodernism
List of References:
The list of references should:
• List all sources cited in the essay following the Harvard Author-Date method. (See the Art Theory Handbook for a guide to this style and follow the format precisely).
List of Images
The list of images should:
• List all images in the order cited in the essay (images are referred to in the body of your essay as figures (Fig. 1)). Referencing of image sources should follow the Harvard Author-Date method.


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