The Glass Castle

As you read consider the following questions. Prepare a written response for two of them.your responses should be about a page each 1. Describe Rex think critically about all his aspects. Consider his intellectual ability his drinking his dreams and his gifts. In the end is he a positive or negative influence on his children 2. Discuss why you think the wells parents were unwilling to go on welfare or food stamps . Rosemary says once you go on welfare it changes you. Even if you get off welfare you never escape the stigma that you were a charity case. Your scared for love life. Why dose she feel this way? Dose it make any sense given her circumstances? Is keeping the children unscarred more important than food 3. Describe Rosemary. Think critically about all her aspects. Consider her art, her teaching and her dreams for the future. In the end is she a positive or negative influence on her children?

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