The historical environment and historical occurrences and their impact on black women from 1840 to 1865
This is a research paper for a capstone class. I will give a lot of instructions because I want to be clear as possible on what I need:
• The paper needs to be MLA format, 12 points font, double line spaced with standard margins, 5 pages long with a 6thbibliography page (the site says we get that for free)
• A minimum of 5 secondary resources need to be used and present a clear and cohesive argument based on these research findings
• Please do not make broad statements not backed by the research and assume the reader knows nothing about the topic
• Cite specific historical examples and theories for that time periodONLY(1840-1865)
• Mainly focus on black women and their contributions/accomplishments/struggles in the historical environment
• Important things/people to focus on:

o The American Civil war –Cathay Williams
o The abolitionist movement
o Underground railroad – Harriet Tubman
o Fugitive slave law of 1850 – Harriet Ann Jacobs
o Emancipation Proclamation
o 13th amendment
o Sojourner Truth –Ain’t I a woman 1851 speech
o Mary Jane Patterson –First to receive college degree
o Try to touch up on the terms: white frame, white privilege, intersectionality and make a connection between them and the time period

• More topics/people you can look at if you’d like:
o Antebellum period
o Cult of true womanhood
o Sectionalism
o Compromise of 1850
o Bleeding Kansas
o Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Clara Brown
o Sophia B. Packard, Elizabeth Cady Staton, L. Maria Child, Harriet Beecher Stowe

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