the justice system

Thesis and Intro Revision

TURABIAN FORMAT – According to Aldisert (1997), “We must not establish our conclusions by intense personal desire, keenly felt emotional belief, folklore, superstition or dogmatic questioning acceptance. Rather we must state grounds for our conclusion” (25). With this quote in mind, read the following thesis statement/introduction below. Identify the central argument or conclusion that the author attempts to establish. Then, organize the arguments in support of that assertion in a grammatically and logically correct manner. Use legal reasoning either in deductive or inductive form. Revise the thesis statement/introduction so that it makes non-emotional, logically coherent arguments. The argument must emphasize reason. Make sure to revise the grammatical mistakes as well. Thesis/Introduction As Americans we must abide by many laws. One however must ask what if we don’t? It seems that we are quick to incarcerate those who break the law. Placing people in jail as the first option is leading to over population within the justice system. The prison system is suffering from over population due to individuals being incarcerated for minor drug charges in comparison to the crime committed. If alternative punishments are utilized by the court systems the number of people torn away from their families and society will decrease and as a result the economy and social health of the country will flourish. BOOK FOR REFERENCE IS LOGIC FOR LAWYERS: A GUIDE TO CLEAR LEGAL THINKING BY RUGGERO ALDISERT 1997

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