Hook = Interesting fact about your topic.

Line = A transition sentence into your thesis statement

Thesis statement

Historical Background
Where did your topic originate (place of birth)?

When did your topic originate (date of birth)?

What were the early years like?

Educational or literary background (if an organization, discuss structure)

Russian Revolution
How or why did your topic become involved?

What impact did he/she/it have on the Russian Revolution?

Did he/she/it remain a part of the USSR once the revolution concluded? If yes, in what capacity? If no, what did he/she/it do elsewhere?

Impact on the World
What impact did your topic have on the world outside of Russia/USSR?

What can/did we learn from his/her/its involvement in Russia/USSR?

What did you learn that has changed the way your think about the topic? Explain.

Thesis statement

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