Theories of Personality

Pick a historical figure that most people would recognize.
Describe that person in terms of the following FOUR personality theories, briefly answering the questions below.
Trait Theory: Select one of the trait theories/theorists you have learned about (The Big Five, Cattell, etc.) and discuss the main traits that describe your chosen person.
Behavioral and Social Learning Theory: How did the environment and learning shape this person’s behavior? What rewards or punishments affected their behavior?
Humanistic Theory: What stage of the hierarchy of needs did this person function at, what needs did they meet?
Psychodynamic Theory: What defense mechanisms did this person use? How did their past key relationships affect their personality?
At the end of your post, tell us which theory you think best explains this person and why.
1. Describe who chose to emigrate to North America from England in the 17th cetury and explain their reasons.
2. What challenges did the early English settlers face?
3. What factors made Jamestown sucessful?
4.The social structure of the 18th century colonies was growing more open for some but not others. For whom was there more opportunity, and for whom not?
5. Three distinct slave systems were well entrenched in Britain’s mainland colonies. Describe the main characteristcs of each system.
6. What ideas generated by the American Enlightenment and the Great Awakening prompted challenges to religious, social, and political authorities in the British colonies?

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