thinking globally


thinking globally

It all starts with a phone call…
It’s 8:00 AM and your phone rings. A female caller identifies herself as “Mia” and explains that she is calling on behalf of the ITA (International Trade Administration). The United States is looking to expand its trade agreements and they need your help! The ITA wants you and a select few economists to provide your expertise and assist in determining the next two greatest trade partners for the United States.

Your task is to compare general economic data from the United States and two other countries in order to recommend which country would make a better opportunity for trade expansion.
The economic future of three nations depends on your research! Make sure that you are thorough and that you are able to document your findings.

You will follow a step-by-step approach to complete your research, analyzing various aspects of your chosen countries’ economic health.

In a few weeks, a limousine will transport you to the ITA headquarters for your presentation. You will be speaking to the Board of Directors and prominent members of Congress. A favorable impression will boost your career and your salary. This is your chance to shine!
The lessons in Module Five highlight information that will help you in your analysis. You will find guiding questions in lessons throughout the module as well as charts to track your research notes. Make sure you answer all of the questions!

Read through the activity tabs in each lesson carefully and turn in each requested activity to complete your project in the following small steps:

Choose countries for comparison
Collect geographic and political data
Collect economic data
Collect information about trade
Collect information about inflation
Analyze your research and draw conclusions

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