Hey on target. thank you for helping me out before. I am looking ahead to another critical analysis, but I must first turn in an annotated bibliography for it. I was able to find the sources to the last annotated you did, but I had to add another source because it did not include a book. One of the journals, was a pay sight, I used it anyway., but generally this does not present well to my professor. .the others I was able to find via my via my college library as requested. The Critical analysis you did proved to be a great outline for me. I was able to take the bib and your paper and use them as a template to my own paper. I was hoping we could do another annotated bib first using 3 journal sources common to most college databases and one credible book source. The topic will be titus andronicus and you can pretty much choose the thesis. Some ideas would be profiling a character, the revenge tragedy and examples of its components specific to Titus Andronicus or even an analysis on why or why not Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare’s worst play. Can you give me a bid on the annotated (finding resources is so time-consuming) bib which needs to be done first. And then a bid on the critical analysis paper to follow. which should be completed by the 14th.

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