Students will form into teams of 4-5 members (depending on class size, at lecturer?s

discretion) and will subsequently work on the assignment together as a team. Teams

will each choose a designated hotel chain and then formulate a Marketing Plan for the
launch of a new hotel by this organisation in New York.

The content of the Marketing Plan needs to address the following:

1. Executive summary – a synopsis of the overall marketing plan.

2. Situational analysis – collect, organise and write down data about the market that is
currently buying the brand. Consider market dynamics, customers, current service
offerings, and sales. Describe the competition.

3. Service – describe the new hotel. How will it relate to the market? What does the
market need, what do they currently use, what do they need above and beyond
current use? Develop your “unique selling proposition”. Who will be the competition?
From a service perspective, what will make you stand apart from your competition?

4. Target market – who will be the target market for your new hotel. Describe them.

5. Marketing Goals and Objectives – specify what you want to achieve in a set period.

6. Pricing, positioning and branding – establish strategies for determining the price of
your hotel, where your hotel will be positioned in the market and how you will
achieve brand awareness.

7. Place and promotion – consider place and promotion strategies for the new hotel.

8. Budget – outline the main marketing costs associated with launching the new hotel.

9. Timeline of implementation – outline the schedule of marketing activities.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation – specify the mechanisms that will be utilised to
monitor progress against the marketing goals and objectives.

The written report is due for submission in Week 10 and is limited to a maximum of 20

pages (excluding Appendices and Reference List [Harvard style]; typed in 1.5 line spacing

on one side only of single sheets of A4 using 12 pt size type with normal margins). Marking
criteria will include: quality and quantity of research and analysis, critical thinking,
application of relevant theory and proposal and justification of recommendations. The
report is worth 20% of the total unit mark.

Each group will also make a visual presentation (eg using powerpoint) of their public

relations strategy (15 minutes + 10 mins class question and answer). The presentation is

due in week 11 and is worth 10% of the total unit mark. Assessment criteria will include:
quantity and quality of research and content and audience engagement generated. Further
guidance will be given by the lecturer in class and / or online.

PLEASE NOTE: Confidential peer assessment will be used at the end of the group

assignment to ensure that all group members contribute equally and fairly to the

assignment. All students will be required to rate the performance of their group members
along with their own performance. A student?s grade for the group assignment may be
reduced if other team members? feedback indicates they made an unsatisfactory
contribution to the group. Unless otherwise determined by such peer assessment, all
members will receive the same group mark.

PLEASE NOTE 2: group members are subject to dismissal from the group (by written,

universal request from the other team members to the lecturer) if they are unwilling to

attend group meetings or otherwise participate fully as a group member. A member so
terminated cannot participate further in the assignment and will fail the assignment.

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