Any topic chosen from the textbook listed below (preferably from the first chapters)

a. Style. Is the report formatted according to APA style (also online at

b. Title. Is the title informative and memorable?

c. Introduction. Is the framework of the study clear?

1. Literature Review. Can you tell where the study fits?
i. Is the background or rationale provided?
ii. Is the relationship to previous research clear?

2. Definitions. Are key terms defined and are these definitions used consistently?

3. Statement of Purpose. Can you tell where the study is heading? Are any of the following included?
i. Purpose
ii. Research Questions
iii. Research hypotheses

d. Body (Analysis)

e. Discussion/conclusion
1. Is the original research question, or questions, answered?
2. Is there an explanation of why the results were as they were?
i. If the conclusion is based on previous research, is it well supported and reasoned?
ii. If the conclusion is speculative, is it qualified as such and well reasoned?
iii. Are suggestions for further research provided?

g. List of references and Endnotes
1. Are all the references cited in the test included?
2. Are any pertinent references missing?
3. Is the list of references in APA style?

h. Appendices
1. Are they necessary?
2. Are they complete?

• Important information to be always taken into consideration

Collins, B. and Mees, I.M. Practical Phonetics and Phonology.A resource book for students. (2008, 2nded.). Routledge.

Cruttenden, A. (2008). Gimson’s Pronunciation of English (7thed.). London: Hodder Education.

These two source among other credible sources should be used.

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