Topic: Corporate Responsibility

Assignment: What is competitive intelligence? Why is it important to the public affairs function? Justify your reasoning with a minimum of 2 scholarly references. (ch. 2),

APA Format. No headers. Properly cited in paragraph citations, reference list (not included in word count).

You will contribute meaningful, lively discussion posts in answers to one of the assigned questions in each forum
Every initial thread should be between 500–700 (no more, no less) words and must contain real business examples from reputable business sources, include research from:
2 scholarly sources,
The PointeCast presentations and/or the video presentation
Incorporate major ideas from the chapter of the textbook in which the question was taken, and
Integrate biblical ideas (the PointeCaste and video presentations provide solid Biblical analysis, which is why they are required).
To focus on specific points of application for corporate responsibility. You should not speak in vague terms while answering the questions.
Please refer to the “Guidelines for Use of Sources” document found with the Discussion Board instructions and rubric to make sure you understand how to recognize a scholarly source.
Please note that the PointeCaste presentations and/or video that are required for use are NOT the same as the PowerPoint chapter summaries for each chapter. The former obviously contains audio/video as well as Biblical integration; the latter is just a summary of ideas provided by the textbook company.
Failure to use all required sources will significantly hurt your grade.

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