Topic: Fourth Amendment; Cell Phone Privacy/Hacking

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These are my professor’s words: “The purpose of the assigned paper is to have us reflect upon an issue or question raised in class or in the text that is of interest to us. There’s no rubric or definite prompt. Remember this is a “thought paper” not a research paper. State a thesis, tell me why I should care about your idea, support your argument, and develop a strong conclusion.” So I was thinking something like talking about how the 4th Amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizures and we are entitled to full privacy within our cellular devices so for example, when situations like the San Bernardino shooting occur, where the FBI feels obligated to break the barriers of privacy and hire hackers to hack into the cell phone of the terrorist, at what point is there a wall to what they can and can not do. So yeah, just something along those lines and going off into tangents or whatever about the same issue/topic should be fine. As long as it’s five pages long and it makes sense, I don’t really mind what is being written. If you don’t like the topic or you think it’d be easier to write about something else, I’m open to any suggestions, I don’t mind. Thank you so much.

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