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What you will actually need to do is to add another 3 pages to the work already done. And that will be it. And you will need to use this document LIB127-CP01%40edgewood.edu_20160115_135611 (1).pdf [MATERIAL] to add 3 pages. The instructions are given below:

“You will need to prepare a portfolio that demonstrates that you have met all of the intended learning out comes. We will need to know about your experience as a laboratory scientists. Some of my colleagues and I will review the portfolio.”

Syllabus: Bio 151:The first of a two-semester sequence exploring basic biological concepts organized around the unifying theme of energy flow. Concepts include the nature of science, ecology, cellular biology, levels of organization, and energy capture and transfer within cells and communities.

Biology 152: The second of a two-semester sequence exploring the related biological concepts of inheritance and evolutionary change over time. Concepts include transmission genetics, molecular genetics, evolution, and the diversity of life on Earth.
The table table of content is for bio 151 lab manual

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