Topic: Human Rights

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To prepare for this discussion activity, read the assigned chapters in A Problem from Hell and, while doing so, think about the reasons the United States quietly sided with Iraq against Iran and the impact that had on American concern for human rights issues during the Iraqi campaign against the Kurds. Also, consider the problems created by the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s and the responses of the European nations, the international community, and the United States.
In your first post, consider the human rights issues raised by Power regarding Iraq in the 1980s and in Bosnia in the 1990s. Given what you have read, do you think that the United States should have pursued these policies, or should the United States have done anything differently? If so, why? You may also want to comment about why the United States and its European allies were reluctant to intervene in the crisis in former Yugoslavia.
You are free either to agree with the criticisms of American policy by Power or you can defend the actions taken. Part of your analysis should focus on what you consider the most important goals of American foreign policy in the 2 crises in Iraq and Bosnia.

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