Order Description1- The writer should read the initial unofficial proposal i sent to the Supervisor.
2-The writer should listen to the audio file to know to know what the prof expect and thinks about the unofficial proposal i sent to the supervisor.The writer should follow all the instruction/Request of the professor in the audio file.Please be free to ask me if you don’t understandsomething from the audio.
3-The writer should get familiar with the research proposal guide also attached of the school
4-The writer should note that he/she will be the one to write the thesis once the proposal/plan is approved.Hence, he should write something that wont cause problems later or that any of your other writers won’t have problems writting about. I think i would prefer the Thesis to be based literatures/other academic journal based since i don’t plan to travel to Nigeria to carry out any research either by interview not questionnaires.
5-I will like the writer to brief me about his ideas maybe a draft before sending me the final paper.

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