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For the interim report, the student must, in LESS than 500 words, clearly detail
previous academic work related to the research question. The student must
explain how his work differs from existing work, and what method will be used
to support the argument.

An introduction to the essential elements of international business. Topics in-
clude modes of entry, theories of international business, cross-cultural issues,
the legal environment, trade theory, the multinational corporation, exchange
rate effects, foreign direct investment, functional management, and operational
concerns of business in the international arena.
There are three major course objectives: Demonstrate an understanding of a
wide range of concepts and theories (including cultural, ethical perspectives and
trade) that explain the nature and complexities of the context and practices of
international business.
Demonstrate an applied knowledge of global business issues and communicate
this through verbal discussion and in writing.
Gather information on global and international issues, critically analyse and
evaluate this information and propose outcome scenarios and potential solutions
to these issues.


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