Topic: Investigationg the impact of customer services on customer retention in the Uk grocery sector.for eg like tesco.

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Topic: Investigating the impact of customer services on customer retention in the Uk grocery sector
Research question: To what extent does customer service influence customer retention in the UK grocery sector.
Structure of dissertation:

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Enquiry overview ( you are not required to undertake this exercise until you have completed your entire dissertation: chapter 1-5)
1.2 Aims and objectives of the study ( it should be not be more than 4)
1.3 Research questions/hypotheses (maximum4)
1.4 Background of the study
1.5 Rationale of the study
1.6 Scope and limitations of the study
1.7 Summary.
chapter 1 introduction should 1,500 words.
Chapter 2. Literature review
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Conceptual clarifications ( Your are required to use this section to explore youre independent variable.Therefore you should start by providing definitional clarity on the meaning of your topic)
2.7 Summary
Chapter 2 literature review should 3,000 words.19 cited references should be in the literature review.
Chapter 3 . Research Methdology
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research paradigms ( positivism and interpretivism). You must choose one and justify its use within your dissertation.
3.3 Research approach ( deductive and inductive). You must choose one, depending on your research paradigm.
3.4 Research strategy ( case study and survey) you may choose one,depending on your research paradigm
3.5 Data collection methods ( interviews,questionnaire,sampling,ethical issues).
3.6 Strengths of the methodology
3.7 Weaknesses of the methodology
3.8 Summary
Chapter 3 Should be 1500 words.
Chapter 4 Data analysis and Findings ( approx 2500 words)
Chapter 5 Conclusion and recommendation ( approx 1500 words)
Should also include interviews in disseration.

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