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This is my final exam in my Management Information Systems.

The exam is about questions and you should answer the questions whether from the internet and you will have to source it or you come up with the answer for the question.

Please make it very very very very professional and very very very very clear for the reader.

1- Healthy Living LLC

2- Since this is a new business I do not think it is a good idea to go fully online. First, he needs to make some customers who can fully trust him and register for his online seminars. Until then, he should offer is person sessions. To be successful he should have a great strategy and he should try to minimize the cost at least for the time being to save as much as he can.

3- Yes, he needs a traditional business card to give it to prospective clients. In the card, he will have his full name, address, contact information, and his website. Yes, there should be a QR code as it is free and looks cool to attract the younger generation. For the time being, he would need a paper brochure. The QR code will take the clients to the website where they will find all the information about him.

4- is the place to promote new businesses. So, he will definitely register his business with GoDaddy. For the online clients, they would pay online which GoDaddy supports. GoDaddy is trustworthy and provides services at a very reasonable cost. The website, as well as, our mobile app will have all the details regarding our business including the schedule of classes and webinars. The rates for Godaddy start from $10.99 a month, which is pretty affordable. Also, they offer more services that we can get later depending on our needs. Basically, webhosting, web-designing, and payments would be done through this reliable website.

5- Like what we mentioned earlier it is a must in today’s day and age to have our own mobile app. Millions of people use smart phones and downloading mobile apps is few clicks away. However, for the time being, since we would be cost affective we would have to find someone who is very knowledgeable and affordable.

6- In this initial phase we will start by campaigning in social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will use our friends and family members for word of mouth. We can post amazing pictures where the followers can like, comment, and subscribe to our webinars. Regular clients would get some coupons and discounts. Also, everyone who refer to a new client will receive more discount.

7- He should have two phones in order to keep his personal and professional life separate. This is the time of the year to get best deals on phones and usually Androids have better deals than the IPhone. Plus, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has some amazing reviews; it is bigger and can do more stuffs than an IPhone. Also, There are some Apps and Softwares that can be downloaded in Androids but not on IPhones. For cloud servicing, we can use Google Cloud or One Drive for storage at zero cost. Also, the client can use Google Remote text top to access his laptop from his Android phone.

8-He will be using registration and advertising based model. GoDaddy and social networking sites will be used for promoting the business. The clients can register for the business online and pay right away at there own convenience. The company will generate money revenues through subscriptions, and in person’s sessions.

9- Make the business case for the client.

Healthy Living LLC
Business Case
A positive wellness culture in the workplace contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional well being of everyone and that is what we offer her at Healthy Living LLC. Also, the company offers private in home personal wellness trainings for $150 and hour and our webinars cost $50 an hour.

Revenue for first year;
Webinars; $50/hour
Personal Training; $150/hour
Average Webinars per week; 5= $250/week = 52 X $250 = $13,000 for the first year.
Average Personal Training per week; 5= $750/week = 52 X $750 = $39,000 for the first year.

Total Revenue for first year= $13,000 + $39,000 = $52,000

Cost for First Year:
1- Rent; $1,000/month = 12(months) X $1,000 = $12,000
2- One time IT consultant fee; $5,000/Annually
3- GoDaddy Fee; $500/Annually
4- Phone Bell; $1,200/Annually
5- Maintenance Fee; $1,000/Annually
6- Furniture and Desk; $4,000

Total cost for first year= $23,700
Profit for first year= $52,000 – $23,700 = $28,300

Revenue for second year;
Webinars; $50/hour
Personal Training; $150/hour
Average Webinars per week; 13= $650/week = 52 X $650 = $33,800 for the first year.
Average Personal Training per week; 16= $2,400/week = 52 X $2,400 = $124,800 for the first year.
Total Revenue for first year= $33,800 + $124,800= $158,600
Cost for the second year=
1- Employees salaries for two employees at $12/hour= 80 X $12 = $960/week = 49(weeks) X $960 = $47,040
2- Rent/year= $1,100 X 12 = $13,200
3- GoDaddy Fee; $500
4- Phone Bill; $1,200
5- Miscellaneous $3,000/year
Total Cost= $64,940

Profit for Second Year= $158,600 – $64,940 = $93,100
10- PayPal is very secure way to accept payments online. The client will personally be also monitoring his accounts time and again. In this starting phase, we can initiate by keeping a strong password. Firewalls and Antiviruses would be setup in the computers to protect the data. The system would be constantly updated and a backup would be restored.
Question 2)

Name of Company:

Apple Cupertino
Revenue for 2015

First Quarter: $74,599,000,000
Second Quarter: $58,010,000,000
Third Quarter: $49,605,000,000
Fourth Quarter: Will be announced on October 27,2015 at 5:00 P.M Eastern Time

Profit for 2015

First Quarter: $18,000,000,000
Second Quarter: $13,600,000,000
Third Quarter: $10,700,000,000
Fourth Quarter: Will be announced on October 27,2015 at 5:00 P.M Eastern Time
Number of employees for 2015

1,027,000 employees.


Technological Industry.
Type of company (B2B, B2C, etc.)

Apple is a B2C type of company.
Name of CEO:

Mr. Tim Cook

Name of CIO or equivalent:

Niall O’Connor

Name of CMO:

Philip W. Schiller

Name of CFO:

Luca Maestri
Does the company have a Chief Digital Officer?
If so – Name

Currently, Apple does not have a Chief Digital Officer.
Does the company have a social business strategy? If so – who is in charge of this strategy?
Indicate if the company is on the following social media platforms (Yes or No):

Apple’s social business strategy is quit different than other companies. The company’s social business strategy consists on manufacturing products with good quality. Therefore, Apple will earn the costumer’s satisfaction and loyalty.






Other social media – explain

What insights do you glean about this company from this assessment?

After reading different articles about Apple’s business strategy, I have noticed that the company tries not to be active on social media. Instead, the company put the effort in producing goods and services to satisfy the consumer’s needs. By using this odd strategy, Apple has become one of the best technological companies; if not the greatest.


Apple’s First Quarter Revenue & Profit:
Apple’s Second Quarter Revenue & Profit:
Apple’s Third Quarter Revenue & Profit:
Apple’s Fourth Quarter Revenue & Profit:
Number of employees in Apple:
Type of Industry:
Type of Company:
Name of Apple’s CEO:
Name of Apple’s CIO:
Name of Apple’s CMO:
Apple’s Official Page in LinkedIn:
Apple’s official Page on YouTube:

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