Topic: Proposal asking for a franchise

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Want to send a proposal for an Italian (healthy and Vegan) chocolate and ice cream company asking for franchise in Qatar.
need to add that my company has many dealings with European and foreign companies and it’s a pleasure joining your group with our group.

Then add a part about Qatar, recently Qatar is focusing a lot on the healthy market and its developing in view of Qatar national health strategy and Qatar national vision 2030 of being one of the healthiest countries in the region.

Your place will be a huge success since we still don’t have a place in Qatar specialize in Vegan and Healthy deserts. and I’m sure Qatar will support this business since its matching with its strategy and vision of making Qatar a healthier place.

The point of this proposal is to convince them how we are so passionate about this business and how it can succeed in Qatar and how the market here needs this kind of healthy business.

We know that this Italian chocolate and ice cream company is new and we want to be part of their expantion because we saw how amazing it is.

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