Topic: research essay


Topic: research essay

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This piece of assessment asks you to undertake “normal” academic research regarding the issue, chosen by you, that is of importance in the context of international

affairs. You ought to choose the same issue as that which you examined in the first piece of assessment. You can choose another issue if you wish, but please discuss

this change you’re your tutor before submission of your essay. Your essay must examine the causes and consequences of your chosen issue. Remember also that the

research carried out for this essay will be relevant to the 3rd piece of assessment in this unit; the Report.

The basic requirements for the Essay
• The research essay should be around 1,500 words long;
• Your essay must explain the causes and consequences of your chosen issue;
• The essay must follow the format laid out in the ‘Essay Guide’, which is available online for this module. Most importantly, your essay must have a central argument

that is clearly stated in the introduction to your essay (here, about what the most significant causes and/or consequences of your issue are);
• It is essential that essays are submitted with full referencing and we recommend using the Harvard system. In addition, you must make an effort to use and reference

academic literature in your essay – websites, newspapers, and magazines are not enough;
• You must submit your Essay no later than 5pm on Friday the 19th of September.
Further guidance regarding this piece of assessment will be provided within tutorials. Any student who does not fully understand these requirements should seek further

advice at the earliest opportunity.

Assessment criteria
Your result in this piece of assessment will depend upon whether or not you achieve the following:
• advance a clear and persuasive central argument and deploy critical analysis in order to develop and support that argument;
• organize your essay so that it is clear and coherent and so that it supports your argument;
• thoroughly research the topics addressed in your essay and critically evaluate the literature and arguments that you examine;
• present your essay professionally, reference the assignment completely (ideally, using the Harvard system) and express yourself clearly, in a scholarly style and



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