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Self-Assessment #3 Paper
Write a 7-10 page, typed, double-spaced, #12font (APA guidelines) self-assessment paper. As a basis for this paper, use your own MA Psychology Student Competencies form (found in Files section of the Self of the Therapist course), as well as the MA Psychology Student Competencies forms you received from your peers, along with the other verbal and written feedback you have received from faculty. In the “Comments” section of each of the five competency sections include summaries of the feedback received from your peers and your reflections on what you learned from the feedback. Select and emphasize the areas most cogent to your progress in the program. Feel free to add to or vary the categories where you believe it would enhance your paper.
Include in your paper a discussion about your development of professional competencies relevant to your effectiveness as a counseling practitioner. Include the steps you need to take to continue your growth.
Family of Origin & Culture of Origin
Comment on significant family of origin and culture of origin learnings and interactions you have had during the course of the program. Give special attention to connections and new behaviors in your internship or at your workplace. Report on your progress in your family interviews.
Learning Community
Assess yourself as a community member, taking into account feedback you’ve received on the following principles and competencies. To what extent do you:
• Co-create appropriate boundaries between sub-systems within the community (peer sub-groups, I groups, tracks, classes, systems consultants, etc.).
• Co-create learning interactions, especially when differences emerge.
• Attend to themes/issues affecting emotional field of the community; encourage self-differentiation in self and others.
• Attend to issues of place, purpose, principles, and procedures of the community.
Progress Toward Candidacy
• Do you consider yourself to be progressing satisfactorily toward achieving Candidacy next semester? If yes, why? If no, why, and what do you need to do to get on track?
• What feedback do you expect the faculty to give you about your core and specialization competencies?

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