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This assignment will be much less structured than is typical, and much responsibility for the success of the assignment will rest with the students. In this assignment, we will consider Ebola as a public health challenge and as a crisis management challenge for diverse organizations.

Students will assemble into one group. The group will choose domains of emergency management (these will roughly correspond to mitigation/preparedness and response/recovery) and intensively analyze the Ebola situation with respect to those domains.

This will likely involve: studying media accounts of the crisis (paying particular attention to local media where available); the various organizations that were involved in the response efforts; and the available literature on public communication/deliberation.

The group should: identify challenges that arose, the strategies for meeting them, and the principle organizations and resources involved; identify features of this disaster that are in alignment with the existing research literature and any that are new.

Working collaboratively, the group will then develop an Ebola exercise for next term’s undergraduate students. These will be assessed on how well you draw upon the established literature and extent to which the exercise highlights important policy questions, decision dilemmas, and challenges for communication and coordination.

Each student’s grade will based on a theoretically-grounded statement of student learning that discusses what you have learned during the project and what theoretical and policy aspects you can take into the field. Ps: That is my assignment!!!!

Based on the requirement, our group made a case study that I will upload. We made a narrative about the Ebola occurs in a university, make ten roles of the case, I am the mayor of Newark, DE in that case. And we talked about each role’s Responsibilities and Concerns. I wrote the mayor part. We meet two times, and each one took a role. In each meeting, we talked about the case and each one’s concerns. And we did two times role play as we mentioned in the narrative. Each role play process is 30 minutes, in the process each role communication a lot but lack of coordination.

Please talk about what you have learned in the project process and what you learn about the mayor in Ebola management. What the mayor can/should do in Ebola management. What you learn from the literature that talk about the Ebola management. Also give some background of Ebola in the assignment.

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