Order Description
this paper should talk about this product: “Natural Sterol Complex”.
with Performance claim: The comprehensive formula found in Natural Sterol Complex can promote your body´s ability to increase muscle mass and density, boost performance and recovery, enhance energy levels and strength.

where this product can be purchase here : Website: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/univ/sterol.html

Look carefully at the biochemical claims (bind to estrogen erceptors) for support for this product.

here is the instruction to follow :

make sure to follow each step carefully !!!!!
***** Required headings for the paper


• One paragraph summary of the entire paper, about 250 words.

1. Supplement Name and Summary Claims of Efficacy

• Include name of supplement, weblink (URL) or photo of the label ( i already gave you the name and link at the top )

2. Anecdotal Evidence

3. Biochemical Bases

Report and evaluate claims and possible negative effects

4. Clinical Data

• for and against the supplement using principles of Evidence-Based Medicine/Dietetics

5. My Opinion of the Evidence

• Sections 1-5 must total at least 2000 words

~6 pages double spaced 12 pt font; figures/tables are useful for understanding do not count toward word total but their captions/legends do count; abstract & citations do not count

• At least 10 citations on evidence related to your position (for or against), not solely about the product. References may be reviews or textbooks, as well as primary papers.

• Grading will be based on a subjective opinion of the paper’s clarity of thought and argument, presentation and analysis of Evidence as understood in the context of professional health science, and basic biological facts.

• The product should be evaluated for its specific effects.

• Has it specifically been tested according to expected standards?

• If not, have similar products been tested?

• For mixtures:

• Has it been tested as formulated (as a mixture)?

• Have the individual components been tested?

• Is efficacy, if any, due to one component? Or more than one?

• Is there reason to believe that the components work together to provide a different effect that they have separately?

• Pre-clinical = Chemical, biochemical, molecular effects

• Clinical: Evidence-based medicine