Total Quality Management

  1. Research the basic principles of the concept you selected and posted.
    Explain the concept’s principles and the value of understanding the concept, including how it is used in the workplace and how it applies to the college environment.
    3. Identify a nationally-known company and explain how the company utilizes the concept’s principles or how the company might benefit from using the principles.
    4. Think about and make connections regarding how people can use your research to develop their careers. Include innovative ideas that emerge from your project.

    o A title page with only the following: title of paper, student name, course, and date.
    o 4 to 6 pages of double-spaced text in the body of the paper.
    o Use a Word document; Times New Roman 12-point font on every page except the appendix; one inch margins on each page except the title; and write in 3rd person.
    o Two specific APA requirements – the only required APA guidelines are:  In-text citations using APA format (at least 3; do not use Wikipedia) Reference page using APA format

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