travel app

instructions:Assignment: I am creating a phone app for travelers. I propose to create an app that allows you to do everything from one interface. You can find flights, hotels, cabs, weather, food, attractions, and much more. This app will not provide any of those services outright, but will compile and display it all to users. This opens up a wide array of partners such as American Airlines for flights, McDonald’s for food, and many more. I also want this app to have a social feel to it. For example, if partnered with Facebook, it could utilize the like feature, and all of the destinations can have a feature where users can upload pictures and comment on their experiences.
What you should do:
1- List Failure mode + how to solve them and how long it will take. (¾ a page)
2- What is the “Transformation function” in your idea and tech ( Include everything about this topic ¾ a page) .

A total of 1 ½ pages document and 1 slide.
You must write in paragraphs and bullet points, etc
Use 1-2 sources if needed, then include works ci

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