1. Why is this person famous? Name the importance or contribution of this
person during their lifetime.
2. What important early experiences contributed to his/her personality or
their future as in important contributor to society.
3. How would the history of the world have been affected or “changed” if my
person had never lived?
“The Facts”
4. What is your person’s first and last name-nicknames/pseudonyms?
5. What is their date of birth and death?
6. What was your person like when they were young? What do you know
about their family members and important early experiences which contributed to their personality or future?
7. What schools did your person attend in their life? Where are the schools located? Any interesting information on their school behavior or grades?
8. When they were an adult, what jobs did they hold? Why did this person
enter the field they did? Did they receive and awards or recognition in their lifetime?
9. If your person has died: When and where did they die? How did they die?
How did their death affect society or other individuals?
10. If your person is still alive: What new projects are they working on? What are they doing today? What opinions do others have about this person? What do you know about their hopes for the future?
Inferences- Author and You
• Why did this person enter the field they did?
• Explain reasons why they are famous or what has been their major contribution to society.

• What people or events, which came before my person, did my person get ideas or information from which aided my person in their own studies or productions?
Synthesis- Evaluation
How would the history of the world been affected or changed if this significant contributor had never lived?
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