The two major impacts that email has had on interpersonal communication is for those who use technology a lot and those who do not use computers at all or for those who have chosen not to know shortcuts that have been used by those who are electronic communicators. Email has made communications much easier and faster for a lot of people. The advantages that are associated with communicating by email is the fact that it is very easy to communicate effectively with everyone in the office setting or anywhere in the world, you can respond to one another very quickly, email messages are sent instantly, it doesn’t much to send an email, like spending money on postage, it is very easy to use, you can copy others on correspondence, you can send attachments, book appointments, you can save a lot of time sending email, you can respond to email in your own time, emailing speeds up workflow process and emailing saves costs on printing paper and paper supply in general. The disadvantages that are associated with communicating by email are spam emails that take up a lot of space in your inbox, email hoaxes. viruses, misunderstanding of messages, no internet connection, and how confidential information can be forwarded in error if ended up in the wrong hands.
Some common email mistakes that happens and how they can be avoided are proof reading, emailing instead of talking, emailing someone when you are angry, and sending material that might be sensitive to others. Before sending off an email, please take the time to review and edit what you have typed. Instead of emailing at work all of the time, try to get out of your chair and to talk to people. It is very unprofessional to send emails when you are angry and it is a very bad idea and if you do type it out, save it, and then look at it the next day and then you will realize that it was a bad idea and can correct it and make it look positive.

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